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Alimony and Child Support Modifications During COVID-19

Apr 10 2020

By: John Drapp

Posted in: Litigation, Family & Divorce, Court

The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic in this country has had far-ranging consequences touching upon just about every aspect of our lives.  Unfortunately, it seems that these consequences will continue well into the future even after we get... Read Article

How can I serve my spouse divorce papers if I do not know where he or she lives?

Dec 10 2018

By: John Drapp

Posted in: Family & Divorce, Court

If you are starting a divorce action, Connecticut law requires you to serve your spouse with the divorce papers.  “Service” is the formal delivery of the papers.  In most cases, this means that a Connecticut State Marshal m... Read Article

How long do I have to wait to get divorced in Connecticut?

Oct 12 2018

By: John Drapp

Posted in: Litigation, Family & Divorce

This is a question that I think I have answered in almost every divorce consultation I have ever had.  Often, the goal is to get divorced as quickly as possible. The answer to this question depends on whether there is an agreement as to all issu... Read Article

Is Limited Scope Representation For You?

Jul 24 2016

By: John Drapp

Posted in: Litigation, Family & Divorce, Court

Section 3-8(b) of the Connecticut Practice Book now allows attorneys to file a “limited appearance” in civil and family matters, which in turn allows clients to engage an attorney for a limited purpose.  What does this mean for y... Read Article