Real Estate Transactions

Drapp Law PLLC's real estate practice has extensive experience representing buyers and sellers in with all aspects of real estate transactions.

For many people, their home represents their largest asset.  That is why when we represent a buyer or seller of residential real estate, we work closely with real estate brokers, mortgage professionals, lending institutions and title insurers to make sure a transaction goes smoothly.  Occassionally though, issues do come up in a transaction such as zoning compliance or title defects.  When that happens, we'll help you resolve those issues as quickly and effeciently as possible.  

In the commercial context, we are aquainted with the unique attributes of a commercial real estate transaction.  Drapp Law PLLC can assist you with appropriate due diligence, including certain environmental assessments, lease assignments and the evaluation of possible land use or private restrictions that impact the property.  If you are also purchasing or selling a busines in connection with the real estate transaction, our small business practice can assist you with that transaction as well.