Estate Planning

When people think of estate planning, they usually think about a last will and testament, sometimes simply called a will for short.  While a will is certainly an important component of any comprehensive estate plan, there's a number of other estate planning documents that you may want to consider preparing.  Some of these documents include a power of attorney, a living will, an appointment of a health care representative, a designation of a conservator, a document specifiying any organ donations you wish to make, and a designation of the person that will have custody of your body after you pass to ensure that funeral arrangements are made in accordance with your wishes.  In addition, depdending on your family and financial circumstances, you may want to consider preparing one or more of the various types of trusts that are available.

Our estate planning attorneys can evaluate your personal situation and assist you in determining which documents you should have in place to make sure that your family is protected and that your wishes control your health care, personal affairs, property and body.

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